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Posted 06.17.15

American Idol Announces Season XV Audition Dates

You've always wanted to try out for American Idol, and here is your LAST chance! The American Idol Bus will be making stops to audition people all over the country! Traditional auditions will be held in selected cities as well, so don't miss your chance to get on the American Idol stage for the final season of American Idol.

American Idol Bus Tour:

6/18                                       Seattle, WA                                         Olympic Sculpture Park

6/18                                       Providence, RI                                     ALEX AND ANI City Center

6/20                                       Baltimore, MD                                     Kaufman Pavilion

6/22                                       San Diego, CA                                     San Diego Waterfront Park

6/22                                       Pittsburgh, PA                                     Schenley Plaza

6/24                                       Tucson, AZ                                          Jacome Plaza

6/25                                       Indianapolis, IN                                   Georgia Street

6/26                                       Santa Fe, NM                                       Santa Fe Railyard

6/28                                       Athens, GA                                          The Classic Center

6/29                                       Tulsa, OK                                            Guthrie Green

6/30                                       Oxford, MS                                          Ole Miss Campus -- Union Plaza



Traditional Auditions:

7/10                                       Denver, CO                                          Denver Coliseum

7/22                                       Savannah, GA                                      Martin Luther King, Jr. Arena

8/2                                          Philadelphia, PA                                  Liacouras Center

8/8                                          Little Rock, AR                                    Verizon Arena

9/15                                       San Francisco, CA                                Cow Palace