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Posted 06.08.18

Charlotte Talks Podcast: Harry Connick Speaks with Mike Collins about New Orleans' 300th Anniversary

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Charlotte Talks: Harry Connick Jr. On New Orleans' 300th Anniversary



Wednesday, June 6, 2018


We're joined by Grammy and Emmy Award-winning musician and actor Harry Connick Jr., who is on his way to Charlotte for a special celebration of his hometown, New Orleans. That city turns 300 this year, and to celebrate, Connick is on a tour to bring the music of New Orleans to audiences all over. We'll hear about his upbringing in New Orleans and the influence the city has had on his music career, and hear some of that music as well.

Harry Connick Jr. has been a fixture in American pop culture for decades, with his music, movies, Broadway appearances, and most recently, his daytime TV show.

We talk to Grammy and Emmy Award-winning Harry Connick Jr. in advance of his stop in Charlotte of the tour “A New Orleans Tri-centennial Celebration.”

We’ll discuss his varied career in music, movies, Broadway, and TV -- as well as the reasons behind his love for his hometown.