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Posted 01.14.19

Harry and Playground Sessions Want to Teach You to Play Piano Via App Platform

NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2019—Multi-talented, iconic artist ‪Harry Connick, Jr. has a new project—to have everyone experience the joy of playing piano. Harry’s love of music and desire to share it with the world has led him to team up with music ed tech company Playground Sessions, to teach more people to play and enjoy the many benefits that playing music has to offer. In-app piano lessons featuring Connick as your new teacher are now available on the Playground Sessions platform. (

Harry, who first played the piano at age three, has coupled his world-class musicianship with Playground Sessions expertise in leveraging technology to make learning fun and easy. Playground Sessions makes it possible for anyone, even those who have never played before—(yes, even you), to learn to play. All you need is the app and a keyboard!

“Music can be played by anyone, from anywhere, said Connick. So many of you have thought about learning to play. With Playground Sessions, you can expect success and have fun learning.”

Playground Sessions offers affordable memberships for people at all levels for its app-based piano lessons. On the company's website, aspiring players can also easily bundle a keyboard and accessories with the learning program. For more information, please visit

About Playground Sessions, Inc.

Founded in 2012 and co-created by music legend Quincy Jones, Playground Sessions is the #1 rated app-based piano/keyboard learning program. The company pioneered a sophisticated, but easy-to-use learning platform combining video tutorials, gamification, and real-time feedback. Playground Sessions is passionate about using its innovative technology and musical expertise to fulfill anyone's dream of learning to play the piano. For more information, please visit

About Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry Connick, Jr.'s career has exemplified excellence across multiple platforms in the entertainment world. He has received Grammy and Emmy awards as well as Tony nominations for his live and recorded musical performances, his achievements in film and television and his appearances on Broadway as both an actor and a composer. For more information, please visit