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Posted 10.12.17

Harry Returns as Grace's Ex Leo on Will & Grace

No, it’s not the anesthesia, Grace: Your ex-husband really is standing right in front of you.

Harry Connick Jr. makes his return as Grace’s ex Leo on this Thursday’s Will & Grace (NBC, 9/8c), and in the sneak peek below, a hospitalized Grace is baffled to see him… until she’s reminded that he’s still her emergency contact. (A good reminder to all of us to keep those things updated, huh?)

After Grace remembers that she told Karen to update her contact info — which is the same as telling no one at all — the nurse senses some unresolved issues between the former lovers. Actually, Grace could probably use a bit more of that anesthesia, while you’re at it, nurse.

Elsewhere in this week’s episode, “Jack takes on a new job he never expected to love, and Karen befriends a 12-year-old girl in the Bronx, despite her best efforts,” per NBC’s official description.

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