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Posted 12.18.20

Harry to star in Fear of Rain, coming soon!

Exclusive ‘Fear of Rain’ Trailer Teases Psychological Horror, Leaves You Questioning Reality

BY TOM REIMANN of Collider


Collider has an exclusive first look at the trailer for the upcoming psychological horror film Fear of Rain, about a teenage girl tormented by terrifying hallucinations that she gradually begins to suspect are all too real.

Written and directed by Castille Landon (After We Fell), Fear of Rain follows Rain Burroughs (Madison Iseman), a teenager diagnosed with schizophrenia who constantly has to struggle with whether or not what she’s seeing and hearing is reality or a symptom of her mental illness. However, when she begins to see disturbing images from the house next store, she becomes convinced that the hallucinations have some connection to reality, and that the house holds some terrible secret. Her parents (Katherine Heigl and Harry Connick, Jr) try to assure her that what she’s seeing is all in her mind, so she turns to a charming new classmate named Caleb (Israel Broussard) for help. But Caleb himself might not be real either.

The trailer is a suitably creepy collection of the horrifying imagery that constantly assaults Rain, beginning with a man chasing her through an ominous forest in the middle of the night. Nobody believes her that the event really happened, and the chaotic visuals only grow more intense from there. It looks genuinely frightening, punctuated by the trailer’s button, in which Rain readily acknowledges that what she’s going through might be a manifestation of her own creation rather than actual reality. Fear of Rain’s admittedly fantastic version of schizophrenia is nonetheless a compelling premise for a thriller in which everything we’re seeing is constantly in question. Check out the trailer below. Fear of Rain is rated PG-13 and comes to VOD February 12 and to Blu-ray and DVD February 16.