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Posted 03.22.22

Listen to Harry on iHeartRadio "Inside The Studio" Podcast

March 18, 2022

After decades of dazzling millions with his skills on the keys, Harry Connick Jr. is here to let fans in on the fun of playing piano – “play” being the operative word. On March 29 he’s launching Piano Party, an online course designed to teach the basics of piano through lessons he’s learned over the course of his legendary career. The project is part of Harry’s new metaverse platform The Neutral Ground, an online community designed to connect his fans and share in his passion for music, food, and family. He and Jordan discussed this immersive new digital space, the finer points of piano, New Orleans jazz, songwriting techniques, and Harry’s latest album ‘Alone with My Faith’, recorded completely solo during the pandemic lockdown.

Listen to the full episode by clicking here