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Posted 12.20.23

Review: Harry Connick Jr, Sydney’s Aware Super Theatre, December 8

The New Orleans singer and ivory-tickler brought a sparkling live performance to Melbourne this week; here are the reasons we were so enamoured with the man's showmanship.

Harry Connick Jr. @ Hamer Hall, Sun 19 Dec

Harry Connick Jr.’s ‘Back Live’ show further cements this New Orleans native’s reputation as a charming crooner, jazz piano virtuoso, and born entertainer.

When he was 21, Harry scored a big break with his Grammy-winning soundtrack for 1989’s blockbuster romcom When Harry Met Sally…, which went multi-platinum and marked the first time he’d performed with a big band.

Throughout tonight’s performance, Harry’s love of music seeps from every pore, as does the love and admiration he has for each and every member of his gobsmackingly brilliant eight-piece backing band.

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