Life Without Dick



Life Without Dick

Role: Daniel Gallagher

Director: Bix Skahill

Year: 2001

A chance meeting in a parking lot? A fortuneteller predicting the future? These events take on interesting twists that create a humorous and amusing tale of love and murder. The first time Colleen (Sarah Jessica Parker) meets Daniel Gallagher (Harry) is in a fender bender in a parking lot. Colleen's boyfriend Dick tries to start a fight with Daniel, but Colleen holds him back. Sparks fly between Colleen and Daniel. Visiting a fortuneteller a few days later, Colleen finds out that Dick is planning to run away to Rome with a crossing guard. Furious, Colleen storms home to find Dick surrounded by suitcases, strumming a guitar and singing "Leaving on a Jet Plane." She decides to scare him by pulling out a gun and pretending to shoot him - not realizing that the gun is actually loaded. Unbeknownst to her, Colleen has just made life a bit simpler for Daniel. Daniel is a hit man in the Irish Mafia, only he just can't make himself kill anyone. His true passion in life is to become a great Irish tenor. His latest assignment is to kill Dick, Colleen's boyfriend. Having found out that Colleen took care of this already, Daniel decides to enlist her help in all his other assignments. Will fate allow Colleen and Daniel to ride off into the sunset together?