P.S. I Love You



P.S. I Love You

Role: Daniel Connelly

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Year: 2007

P.S. I Love You tells the story of Holly Kennedy (Hilary Swank), a young woman who receives messages from her husband (Gerard Butler) written before his death of brain cancer, intended to help her transition into a new life. His playful instructions arrive in surprising circumstances, and with the help of her friends, Holly is able to eventually triumph in the joys of life and overcome her deep grief. Harry Connick, Jr. plays a bartender who falls for Holly and becomes a reliable friend, a role made more challenging by the fact that his character, Daniel, suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and is unable to detect the subtleties of normal social etiquette. DVDTown.com hailed Connick as “the best part of the show and all of his scenes in P.S. I Love You have a spark of vitality about them.