The Simian Line



The Simian Line

Role: Rick

Director: Linda Yellen

Year: 2000

Four couples in love - but not for long. On Halloween night, Katherine (Lynn Redgrave,) a fifty-ish divorcee and her younger boyfriend, Rick (Harry) have invited their upstairs tenants, Marta (Monica Keena) and Billy (Dylan Bruno,) and brand new neighbors Sandra (Cindy Crawford) and Paul (Jamie Sheridan) to join them for a festive dinner. Marta and Billy are a young rebellious couple hanging out in Weehawken until their band hits the big time. Sandra and Paul are the quintessential yuppie couple whose recent financial woes have forced them out of Manhattan. Rick's surprise guest, Arnita (Tyne Daly) an eccentric fortuneteller, arrives and makes an ominous prediction - one of the couples will split up before New Year's.