With the simultaneous releases of 30 and Songs I Heard, Harry Connick, Jr. has again found new ways to express himself artistically, while demonstrating the craftsmanship and work ethic of a virtuoso musician at the top of his game. The opening of “Thou Shalt Not” this fall marks Harry's debut as a composer of lyrics and music, orchestrator, and arranger for a major Broadway production. These projects add to a rich and multi-faceted body of work earning Harry the well deserved reputation as one of the most accomplished young composers and performers of our time.

30 is the fourth in a succession of recordings that capture Connick's music at its most personal and improvisatory, joining the albums 11’, 20 and 25, named for his age at the time of recording. Harry explains,

"There's a conceptual theme that runs through these recordings. It captures a moment in time; it’s like a snapshot of where I'm coming from musically."

Beginning with the carefree jump blues of "Walkin’" the stripped down recording is an exercise in dynamics, as Connick shows off expert piano and vocal skills with subtle flair. Harry is joined by the late gospel singer Rev. James Moore on "There’s Always One More Time," and trumpet master Wynton Marsalis on "I’ll Only Miss Her (When I Think of Her.)" From the elegant "New Orleans" to the narrative and playful "Don't Fence Me In" each of the fourteen tracks is a window into Harry's artistry.

Harry has never been content to rest on past triumphs.

"I feel lucky to be able to do this for a living," he says. "And the success if anything brings more challenges, as I work with so many talented people and just try to keep up."

Harry pushes the boundaries of jazz, popular music, movies and Broadway on his most creative projects to date. It is clear he sets his own standard, and proves every day that he is a truly gifted artist and entertainer.

Musicians Harry Connick Jr. - Piano and Vocals Wynton Marsalis - Piano and Trumpet - "I'll Only Miss Her (When I Think Of Her)" Rev. James Moore - Vocales and Organ - "There Is Always One More Time" Ben Wolfe - Bass - "If I Were A Bell"

Production Credits Produced by Tracey Freeman Recorded and Mixed by Gregg Rubin Mastered by Vlado Meller, Assisted by Steve Cadison Assistant Engineer - Ryan Hewitt Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Sony Music Studios, NYC September 4-8, 2001